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As a registered vendor to several public agencies, the company responds to public bid solicitations for large mechanical and electrical equipment for capital improvement projects. Also, pre-qualified by several municipalities and utilities, the company provides replacement equipment for O&M warehouse requisitions on as-needed basis.

Partners include:
  • GE Industrial Solutions,
  • Emerson Switchgears and Liebert UPS systems,
  • Tyco Valves and Flow Control,
  • Bosch Thermo-technology,
  • Peerless Pumps,
  • SunPower
Selection of projects:
  • JF-Shea Construction, Jensen Filtration Plant, furnishing Tyco Keystone high performance butterfly valves and actuators for Module No.1 Filter Surface Wash Upgrades.
  • Julian Hinds Pumping Plant, MWD of Sothern Calif., 400kW Generator- MTU Genset.
  • MWD of Southern Calif., numerous high performance butterfly valves and actuators,
  • Metropolitan Transportation Authority - Los Angeles, UPS system, switchgear, accessories.
  • Lake Skinner Filtration Plant, MWD of Southern Calif., 400kW Generator- MTU Genset.

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